Roger 10-4 in Weise7 

Roger 10-4 working very very hard @ Weise7 in Berlin, Germany.

Dates: 05-14.07.2011

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Electromagnetic Cityscape 

Electromagnetic Cityscape, a Roger 10-4 workshop that Sabrina Basten and I gave @ Napravi me! (or Make me!) in Belgrade, Serbia. Make me! is a festival that features a series of workshops on building and using different DIY devices, with a critical reflection on the presence of technology in public space.

Image shows one of the participants' wearable 'sniffing' device embedded in a handbag (complete with inductor mic and adjustable amplifier with electric blue potmeter!).

Workshop dates: 10-11.06.2011

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Liwoli, do you copy? 

Liwoli, do you copy?, a Roger 10-4 workshop that Sabrina Basten and I gave @ Liwoli in Linz, Austria.

Image shows participants exploring the electromagnetic fields of Linz with their new wearable 'sniffing' devices. The amazing things that emanate from under the pavement ; )

Workshop dates: 13-14.05.2011

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FLOSS narratives 

“Floss Narratives – Narrativas de código abierto” presentation (by me) with video performances by Jennifer Campbell (CA).

Thanks to the always wonderful UnifiedField.

24.04.2011 @ 19:00 (Granada, ES)

(none of the above would have been possible without churros ;)

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DOGTIME the shortcut 

fils/threads online interface in DOGTIME the shortcut (Rietveld teachers' group show) @ Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam, NL)


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Workshop: Initimacy over Distance 

Digital Culture and Design Practices Workshop Program @ the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon

The workshops are the pratical part of the conference "Open Sources Versus Military Culture? Aspects in Israeli Digital Culture", that will be conducted on 7-8 November 2010 in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in collaboration with The Israeli Center for Digital Art.The participation is free, registration is required.

The conference and the workshops will be conducted in English.

Initimacy over Distance : networked broadcasting tools and scenarios -- Nancy Mauro-Flude & Audrey Samson using aether9 tools.
Friday 12/11, Sunday 14/11

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next performance... 

museumnacht nov. 6th. amsterdam

"Audrey Samson and Nancy Mauro Flude/Sister O - Confession"

'Between Heaven and Earth'. Curatoren: Rose Akras en Dirk Jan Jager.

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White Smoke lecture / book presentation at Designhuis 

Hexaplex Lecture
June 17, 19:30- 21.30
In collaboration with Onomatopee & Designhuis

order WhiteSmoke @ Onomatopee shop.

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aether9 presentation / residency 

aether9 presentation @ SAT

following a 4 week residency @ agenceTOPO

-developing script for mobile aether9
-developing tech for mobile aether9 (pd patch controlled by WII remote viewable on a small screen attached to the arm)

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WhiteSmoke publication/exhibition 

Graphic Design daily selection manystuff.org post about WhiteSmoke.
"White Smoke is an exhibition and publication by Hexaplex, presented by Onomatopee."

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presentation / workshop @ liwoli 2010 

genderchangers presentation
usb radio workshop [based on piradio.de]

@ liwoli 2010

[see imgs + liwoli gallery]

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upcoming aether9 performance @ arti (a'dam, NL) 

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write-up - threads/ and studioXX 

an article about StudioXX and my residency there (working on threads/) and the importance of such spaces for women.

the XX factor
Montreal artist-run studio seeks to open cyberspace to women

By Sheehan Moore

[the McGill Daily]

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residency @ studioXX 

residency @ studioXX [jan-mar 2010]

re-working threads/: an installation/tool/instrument which houses a growing archive of women’s stories, discussing their feelings toward and the ways in which they use computers.

also working on a web interface to this collection of voices...

image of threads/ installation

exhibition @ compagnie-f on march 12th (announcement to follow)

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Re:live conference | publication 



Third International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology
Melbourne 26-29 November 2009

Presented: "Haunted profiles; social networking sites and the crisis of death"
Can be found in conference proceedings (p.140-148).

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dissecting and resurecting electronics in hobart!


aether9 seance in berlin coming up... 

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Afrikaandermarkt Big Band 

september 26 - Afrikaandermarkt (rotterdam)

Big Band -- make your own instrument and play/parade in the band !

by Paul Granjon, in the context of COM.POST []

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whispers from the garden 

update report from the connected domes week here:
whispers from the garden/

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connected domes workweek 

"Together we will create a sonification of the gathered data via Maxmsp and SuperCollider, turning the connected domes into musical instruments. The generative plant/music composition will be streamed via the okno server."

details on okno.be

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/ETC Umeå 

and now workshopping in Umeå (Sweden) @ /ETC !!

"An international gathering for women interested in open source software and creative approaches to technology"

keep an eye on the following URL the next few days for a live stream of
workshops at the /ETC.

http://giss.tv:8000/etc.ogg (open in VLC)

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NIMK jubileum workshops 

Bouw je eigen robot
Electronic Jewellery
Portable Pixels & Worn Out Sounds

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weekend spent making music from components :) 

a bit i wrote about the infamous handmade electronic music workshop by nic collins @ STEIM

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Workshop Portable Pixels and Worn Out Sounds @ montevideo (or Netherlands Media Art Institute) 

"Kom en maak zelf je persoonlijke 'Sound & Light Wearables'!
Kristina Andersen en audrey Samson vragen de leerlingen hun eigen kleding te veranderen met draagbare licht -en geluidstukken. Is dit de Science Fiction van de verre toekomst of de outfit van de jeugd van morgen? De vraag is hoe je de componenten zelf zou willen dragen: op je lichaam, in je kleding of in je haar. Schakelaars worden gemaakt van ‘kleding-schakelaar’ zoals knoopjes en drukkers of haar accessoires. What turns you on? Maak schakelaars van je eigen kleding, horloge, schoen of sieraad!"

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forgot to blog for ADA day! 

:S ...so this is a day late...

though she had nothing to do with computers, i would have surely sungs the praises of miss de beauvoir! or the pioneering work of delia derbyshire in electronic music.

excerpt from delia-derbyshire.org: "A recent Guardian article called her 'the unsung heroine of British electronic music', probably because of the way her infectious enthusiasm subtly cross-pollinated the minds of many creative people."

--note the use of the word cross-pollinated! ;)

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